How to Beat Online Poker Algorithms

How to Beat Online Poker Algorithms

It’s a known fact that online poker sites use algorithms for randomizing the generation of poker hand. This fact has led many players to question whether the statistical odds of Texas holdem sites are accurate. As this article will demonstrate, there are many ways to beat the poker algorithm.

Some may wonder why the worst online poker hand is always the winner, especially after they have been dealt a poor beat. But the truth is that not only does the worst hand win, but the algorithms used to determine the outcome of online-poker games are set up to give a predictable result using normalized odds.

Poker Statistics

It basically means that all statistical norms must be adhered to in order for a game to appear fair. A 7 card game such Texas Holdem has two hole cards and five community cards. This means that there are 133,784,560 combinations possible. Holdem is a game that only uses the top 5 cards. However, 7 cards can be used to form the best hand of 5 cards. Accordingly, statistical probabilities are calculated from all 7 cards.

Statistics show that a flush will be dealt out 4.047.644 times out of 133,784,560 combinations. This is 3.025494%. The online poker algorithms will guarantee that flushes will occur 3.025494% on all tables. Even though the flush may occur 20-30 times consecutively at your table, so long as statistical odds are maintained.

Poker Bad Beats

You may find yourself in a lot of online poker suckouts and even be the victim of bad beats. True randomness can’t be achieved in an online poker game. Additional poker algorithms were developed to ensure integrity and randomness. Even though it’s unfair that online poker sites use poker codes to create unfair games and generate a lot of bad beats it is possible to change this.

The solution to this problem is to learn about the algorithms behind online poker and how they can help you avoid bad beats. You can also use the same odds to avoid losing at poker sites that have statistically normalized their odds using algorithms.

Math and Poker Algorithms

If you take a mathematical approach when playing online poker, you can defeat the computer generated hands garenaqq and become a better player. The problem lies in the poker algorithms. Knowing HOW they work is the key to solving it.